Various workplace wellness workshops targeted toward busy working professionals. These workshops are a great addition to your next "Lunch and Learn", meeting, town hall, and/or workplace wellness initiative. Prices: vary; available upon request.


Road Warriors: Living Well on the Road

Are you a road warrior who travels frequently for your job? Does it feel as if you live on an airplane, in the car, or at hotels more often than not? How about those work dinners—do you eat out more than at home? Do you find yourself saying “yes” to those weeknight drinks at client dinners and regretting it the next morning? Have you experienced weight gain, sleep deprivation, and/or a reliance on your morning latte (or two, or three)? Can’t handle that flight delay or traffic without wanting to scream?

Traveling for work can be hard on your health and wellness in a number of ways. Because of the wear and tear on your body, the exposure to germs in airports and hotels, the unfamiliar beds, and the stress and overwhelm of always being on the road, smart eating choices, self-care, and mindfulness are more important than ever.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Tips to help you stay calm, mindful, and healthy
  • How to make more informed and smart choices when it comes to eating well on the road
  • Which restaurants, vendors and apps can help you maintain health and balance while you’re away from home


Detox Yoga

Come twist, turn, and detox the body! This 60-minute Vinyasa yoga class nourishes the muscles along the spine and near the abdomen and intestines, flushes out the internal organs and facilitates deeper breathing, bringing more oxygen to the entire body. This class incorporates several detoxifying twisting poses, 3-4 different essential oils chosen to enhance various systems of the body, and ends with Kapalabhati Pranayama, a cleansing breathing practice. Due to the twisting nature of this class, it is recommended that pregnant women not attend.


Yoga at Your Desk

Learn how to stretch and move at work, just by using your desk as a prop. Employees come in work clothes, no mat necessary. 45-60 minute workshop that ends with a 5-minute meditation.


Clean Eating 101*

"Eat Clean" - this is likely a trendy phrase you've heard before, but what does it actually mean? Simply put, clean food is whole, minimally processed, and close to the source to maximize nutritional value. This is food we all need more of, no matter what else is on our plates. Clean food allows you to live a healthy life and accomplish what you want without limitations (I promise!) that result from compromised nutrition and health. Overall, eating clean is about maximizing nutritional value and taste and minimizing waste and imbalance.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to safely and naturally kickstart the digestive tract with clean, whole, minimally processed foods 
  • To think of food as fuel for the body, with nutrients powerful enough to heal and energize the body, mind and spirit from within
  • How to make smarter and more informed choices when it comes to food
  • A few clean recipes to try for yourself at home
  • Optional: Hands-on recipe demo and tasting (cost of food paid for by the workplace)  


Fundamentals of Ayurveda*

In his book, Prakriti, Dr. Robert E. Svoboda says, "Health in Ayurveda means harmony, and there is really no limit to the degree of balance that a sincere harmony-seeker can achieve." Ayurveda, yoga's sister science, is an ancient healing practice rooted in Indian tradition. It was designed by India's rishis (Seers) especially for those people who want to enjoy the world healthily, and eat, act, and live in tune with their unique constitution. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda literally means "the science of life" or "knowledge of living" or "the art of longevity." In short, Ayurveda believes that every individual is a unique phenomenon and that the whole life's journey is considered to be sacred. If every individual knows his/her unique constitution, then one can understand, for instance, what is a good diet and style of life for oneself. 

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Fundamental background and knowledge about Ayurveda
  • How the five elements provide the foundation for our entire physical world
  • Balancing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic practices, habits, as well as suggested diets, for each of the Three Doshas (constitutions)
  • How to eat in season with nature
  • Includes hands-on Dosha Test (survey/activity) for all participants

*Workshop included in all Seasonal Wellness Cleanses and the Customizable Workplace Wellness Cleanse