Customized yoga classes for Chicago-based companies and non-profit organizations. Select from the classes below or talk to me about your needs and ideas. All classes are 60 minutes in length. Prices: vary; available upon request.

  • Beginner and Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga

  • Yoga at Your Desk—learn how to stretch and move at work, just by using your desk as a prop 

  • Detox Yoga—twist, turn, and detox the body; this class nourishes the muscles along the spine and near the abdomen and intestines, flushes out the internal organs and facilitates deeper breathing, bringing more oxygen to the entire body

  • Partner Yoga—great for teambuilding 

  • All Gals Yoga—stretch and flow in your cute yoga pants in the comfort of a group of gals only 

  • All Dudes Yoga—try your hand at some strength-building, energizing and challenging poses